The Costa Blanca

The area that we cover is South-East Spain, in the province of Alicante, also known as the Costa Blanca (white coast). Here you will find the best Mediterranean lifestyle with over 300 days of sunshine a year, fantastic beaches and a wide range of outdoor activities including many excellent golf courses.

The main towns along the Costa Blanca are:

Alicante, the provincial capital, is a coastal city full of life, with its skyline dominated by the Santa Barbara castle and famous for its promenade by the sea, its Hogeras de San Juanfestivities, where various larger-than-life wood, paper mache and cork sculptures are built, and then burned on the night of San Juan.

Elche, with its spectacular August festivities where you can enjoy marvellous fireworks displays, has two Unesco World Heritages: the palm tree garden (the largest in Europe) and the Misteri de Elx, a religious representation that is celebrated in the Santa María basilica in August.

Murcia capital of the neighbouring province of Murcia, is surrounded by vegetable groves and orchards, has a magnificent cathedral and colourful festivities such as the Bando de la Huerta, celebrated in Spring, where you can enjoy a magnificent procession and see the participants in traditional dress with old style carriages and the typical produce of the nearby countryside. The carriages give out presents and toys to the public. The Murcian gastronomy is also famous and represents with gusto the Mediterranean diet.

All these towns and cities reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle of this area, full of sun, happyness and life.

Other important towns are Torrevieja, Orihuela costa, Guardamar, Santa Pola andBenidorm, which are all coastal towns in the Alicante province (Costa Blanca), and have a fantastic Mediterranean atmosphere, sandy beaches, promenades for walks by the sea, and many palm tree and pine groves right up to the sea.

In these towns you will find the perfect place for you and your family to relax and enjoy.


Gastronomically speaking, our area is famous for its rice dishes, the most famous being, of course, the Paella. We also enjoy a wide range of seafood and fresh fish caught daily and sold in the local fish markets all along the Alicante coast. We would like to highlight the Santa Pola prawns and the shrimp from Guardamar. The Alicante province (Costa Blanca) also boasts magnificent vegetable groves in which you can find all kinds excellent quality fruit and vegetables such as water melons, oranges, lemons, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and artichokes - all products included in our famed Mediterranean diet, a Unesco National Heritage.


The area is very well communicated by air via two international airports: El Altet in Alicante and San Javier in Murcia and also has an excellent road infrastructure.

Health care

Spain's national health service is second to none in patient care and facilities. The public hospitals and clinics in the area are of excellent quality, at the head of Europe, with first rate professionals, and there are health centres in every area and neighbourhood, and large hospitals in Torrevieja, Elche, Orihuela and Alicante. All this makes for an excellent quality public health system.

We also have a complete private health care network, with excellent quality both in health professionals and facilities, that works with all the main insurance companies. In our area we have top quality private hospitals and clinics in all major towns such as Torrevieja, Elche, Alicante and Orihuela. With this, you can be assured the best private health care possible.